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Some updates relating to Debian on the ARM Chromebook
Tags: [debian] [chromebook] [arm]
Published: 03 Jul 2014 08:49

When I posted the original Installing stock Debian on the Samsung ARM Chromebook post, there was a section at the end titled What doesn’t work. I’ve got two of those things working:

xmodmap keyboard remapping

Here is the mapping which maps page up and page down to search key + up / down arrow:

! pressing keycode N does action M
! Mods: nothing, shift, Mode_Switch, Mode_Switch + Shift
keycode 111 = Up NoSymbol Prior
keycode 116 = Down NoSymbol Next

keysym Super_L = Mode_switch

I’ve pushed this to Github as 10-xmodmaprc: On the Chromebook, this file is saved as .xmodmaprc in the root of the home directory. Then, in .xinitrc, I added:

xmodmap .xmodmaprc

This will apply those remappings every time I start X.

copy and paste

I didn’t directly reference that copy and paste didn’t work in the original post except by mentioning that I was trying to remap insert - shift insert is impossible without the insert key :).

However, the Chromebook supports the three finger tap and this will emulate a middle click, which pastes.