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Tags: [hardware]
Published: 15 Oct 2014 08:54

I donated karpov to the Lab in Toronto:

Our home in Toronto is called The Lab - a 7000 square foot digital literacy hub. It’s a place where anyone with an interest in technology can meet, learn and collaborate. It’s good, but with your help, it could be better.

Donations from people and companies like yours support our non-profit members and they make an enormous difference. Your donations ensure that The Lab remains a public resource, and that workshops and events put on by our member organizations are as accessible as possible for both adults and youth. We have a wide variety of needs and they change regularly. Check back here often to see how you can help.

I found the Lab by searching with the National Cristina Foundation’s non-profit locator:

The National Cristina Foundation’s online non profit locator enables donors of used computers and other electronic hardware to select a local charity or school in their area of the country they choose to receive their donation of equipment.

Simply enter your postal code and they will find organizations close to you that need used computers.

It’s for a good cause, and good for me because I have too many machines. I was looking for a non-landfill option for karpov - it would have been a shame to scrap a perfectly functional machine.