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Tags: [openbsd] [openwrt]
Published: 31 Mar 2016 20:29

Frustrations with my OpenBSD router’s wireless performance have caused me to switch to a TP-Link Archer running OpenWRT. The wireless AP performance has always been just OK. Better antennas really did make a difference in terms of signal strength, but not with the bandwidth. The maximum transfer speed that I saw was 300 KB/s but I would mostly see less than that. With the Archer, I’m seeing MB/s with the same configuration.

After switching to OpenWRT, I wanted to use Mica for a Linux gaming machine or SteamOS box. However, for some reason or another, Mica doesn’t boot from the SSD anymore.

Unfortunately, I disabled USB2 and USB3 in the BIOS a while ago because of the problems that OpenBSD has with it. This wouldn’t be a problem if a USB keyboard worked in the BIOS menu before being disabled, but it does not, and I haven’t found a way to reset the BIOS yet. This also means that it won’t boot from USB anymore either.

It will however still boot from the network.